LipoSurg How to work faster
and smarter

How to work faster
and smarter

The Nouvag LipoSurg The system for Power Liposuction! Download now Efficient liposuction treatment with LipoSurg
The Power-Vibro Handpiece reduce your treatment time by up to 35%
Better treatment results. Almost no pain, less swelling and bruising and a faster recovery time of your patient with less downtime time patient

High performance vacuum pump, ideal for liposuctions 2 Vacuson 60 Complete, safe, flexible 3 VEXIO Cart "Profi" Power-Vibro Liposuction with integrated Infiltration pump 1 LipoSurg High quality finished, cell friendly soft tissue cannulas 4 Liposuction cannulas MONOKIT single use inlay pouches, packaging unit of 50 pieces 5 MONOKIT Reusable suction bottle system, completely sterilizable. 6 Suction bottle system

The benefits of LipoSurg
Combining the Power LIPO Mode with the INFIL Mode to perform Power Infiltration of tumescent liquid and Lipo filling procedures.
INFIL Mode Power Infiltration
INFIL-Key for the selection of Infiltration Mode and the arrow keys for increasing or reducing the value. It’s as simple as that!
LIPO-key for the selection of the Liposuction Mode. Set up the reciprocal vibration movement up to 4'200 strokes/min.
The benefits of LipoSurg
New ergonomic Handpiece with an optimized suction channel and fatigue less handling.
Simple to reassemble.

New ergonomic Handpiece High volume infiltration pump
High volume infiltration pump with 400 ml/min infiltration performance. Capsuled pump drive for quiet operation.
Pedal Mode
Choose between a precise VARIO Mode or a comfortable and convenient On/Off Mode.

Colombia 2 Dr. Jaime Aroca Beautyleclinics Spain 3 Dr. Antoio
Dr. Antoio González
Clinica Eliade, Bucharest 1 Dr. Elena Martin Miami Beach 4 Dr. Tarik Husain Testmonials Our choice for liposuction is using
the Nouvag LipoSurg equipment
made in Switzerland.
The choice for liposuction - the complete Nouvag LipoSurg Cart - made in Switzerland.


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 30 % faster

 portable device

 Power Infiltration for tumescent & fat

 faster healing process

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 less swelling & bruising

 better patient satisfaction